Mod Work Time Estimator

I want to mod WotL
WotL has a LOT of research to be done before being nearly as moddable as the PSX version, and thus, while some estimates might seem extreme, they should be mostly realistic. After all, if you don't research these new modding techniques yourself, your mod will never happen. Please also understand that the PSP is a far less viable and far slower testing environment. With PSX emulators, you can load savestates in a flash (which allows savestate eventing), with a PSP? Not so much.


These programs allow to alter basic data about the game and its text.

out of 509 abilities will be altered/recreated
out of 252 items will be altered/recreated
out of 159 jobs will be altered/recreated (includes monster jobs)
out of 234 random battles will be altered/recreated

Story Mod

Events are what a new storyline is made of. Vanilla has ~294 to give you a number to compare with. So if you want to make a story half as long as vanilla, type in 147.

I need to learn how to Event
new events will be made (includes battle events)
original events will be edited
new persons will be added (Brave Story)


Sprites should look professional, as the bigger your mod is, the more players will play it, and the more appealing visually the sprites should be.

I need to learn how to Sprite
new sprites will be made
new stand-alone custom portraits will be made
effects will be slightly altered


Maps are edited with ganesha. While you technically can't create them from scratch, we'll assume here a "new" one is a completely custom one.

I need to learn how to Map Edit
new maps will created
maps will be altered

ASM Hacks

ASM Hacks are modifications that the game does not originally support. Quite a few already exist, but they might be buggy, and you might want some made for your own project.

I need to learn how to ASM
new simple ASM hacks will be created (ex: Default option is set to "Continue" instead of "New Game")
new medium ASM hacks will be created (ex: Weapon Guard Innate All)
new tedious ASM hacks will be created (ex: Brave becomes "Fury" [all physical attacks work like faith does])
new insane ASM hacks will be created (ex: Synthesis Shop, Soldier Office hack)
new extremely ambitious ASM hacks will be created (ex: increasing max # of generic jobs, increasing max # of items)


Not enough is currently known at the time to give an estimate.

How much time are you willing to dedicate per day on your mod?

hours/day on average

* If you don't answer truthfully, the results will be skewed!

We estimate that it would take you between hours to complete your mod.
At hours/day, the estimated completion date would be between .

hours of nerve-wracking work.
hours of exhausting work.
hours of draining work.
hours of tedious work.
hours of boring work.


Does not take into account going back to something completed and starting over
Does not take into account time saved by already experienced users
Does not take into account lack of teamwork
Does not take into account "I need a break" days
Does not take into account "I'm stuck learning this thing" days

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